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As a member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church denomination, we are an evangelical, reformed church in San Marcos, California. Come worship with us!

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Live Stream for Sunday October 25 at 9:00

Sun. October 25 at 9:00 AM

Watch for LIVE to appear about 9 am

Harvest is now having one outside worship service at 9:00 Sunday morning.
Reminder! Worship service begins at 9:00 AM.

Our deacons have set up several more "pop-up" tent coverings but you still may want to bring your water.

Pastor Mark Schroeder will open God's word with a message from:

1 Timothy 5:17-25 entitled "Elders in the Church" (click for outline)
Questions? contact us.

For Sunday service look for "LIVE" to appear about 8:55 at Videos

Offerings may also be mailed, or received online here

Audio and most previous sermons and Sunday Schools are here: browse

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Play!Download!Elders in the Church
Mark Schroeder | 1 Timothy 5:17-25
View PDF!SUN 10/25/2020
Sunday Service
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Eric Watkins | Mark 9:30-37
SUN 10/18/2020
Sunday Service
Play!Download!Caring For Widows
Mark Schroeder | Timothy
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Sunday Service
Play!Download!Privileged Servanthood
Mark Schroeder | 1 Timothy 4:6-10
View PDF!SUN 10/04/2020
Sunday Service
Play!Download!Privileged Servanthood
Mark Schroeder | Timothy
View PDF!SUN 09/27/2020
Sunday Service

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